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Dr Nmy [doctorenemy] is my songwriter name too

as a songwriter I also work in other genres

... and we are musicians as well ...


We entering into theĀ 2022
International Songwriting Competition

our song:

Running Out Of Time

[Order #181679] (November 2, 2022)


..ISC 2021 - Listened To Confirmation for "Dream"

ISC love songs: I Need Your Love 29 th november

ISC screenshot : Too Far -instrumental 12 th dec. 2021

2022 Unsigned Only Music Competition

Song Title: Brand New World [Order #45334] (January 25, 2022)

bc the band's first album is available on the bandcamp page


Aesopus I wrote 22 songs from the tales of Aesopus in Hungarian




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Laszlo Nemessanyi: 36203931017