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Dr Nmy = Mr Nemessányi László -who is also a doctor of musical instruments

first band

Attila Felvinczi- guitar
János Juhász- drums
Nemessányi László - lead vocal,bass
in october 2019
realised the new formation

Róbert Drexler - bass
Bálint Nemessányi- drums
László Nemessányi - guitar,lead vocal
14th of August 2020 Legenda Sörfőzde
29th of August 2020 S8 Underground Club
5th of September 2020

music: Nemessányi László
lyrics: Nemessányi László and
Kocsi Miklós Jr.*

1. Year After Year
2. Are You Alive
3. Without Your Smart Phone
4. I Don't Want to Know You
5. Updates
6. Kingdom
7. Our Culture
8. Still Friends
9. Dream
10 Running Out Of Time*

Dr NMY (2015-2016)
music: Juhász János,
Felvinczi Attila és
Nemessányi László
lyrics: Kocsi Miklós Jr.

1. Mistakes of Past
2. Self Created Hell
3. Without Envy
4. Suffocated


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