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our first concert album released on August 22, 2022 called ::

Running out of Time

Our 2022's EP called


The first album was released in April 2021 on TuneCore


distributed by TuneCore

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Dr Nmy [doctorenemy] is a rock band established in 2015 and relaunched in 2019. We are the enemies of everything we consider stupid.
... and we are musicians as well ...


An EP is released before the second record.
on the Bandcamp and Apple music sites
and will be available in digital form.

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Running out of Time
Live Ep 2022

available in digital form on the Bandcamp

1. Running out of Time (Lyrics Kocsi Miklós)
2. Without your Smart Phone
3. This is my Kiongdom

Lights by Dr. Nmy (2022) EP

Light Behind The Wall
Different Kind of War
Brand New World

available in digital form on the Bandcamp
music: László Nemessányi
lyrics: László Nemessányi
Dr NMY (2021)

1. Year After Year
2. Are You Alive
3. Without Your Smart Phone
4. I Don't Want to Know You
5. Updates
6. Kingdom
7. Our Culture
8. Still Friends
9. Dream
10. Go Insane

available in digital form on the Bandcamp

Dr NMY (2015-2016)
music: János Juhász, Attila Felvinczi and László Nemessányi
lyrics: Miklós Kocsi Jr.
1. Mistakes of Past
2. Self Created Hell
3. Without Envy
4. Suffocated

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Laszlo Nemessanyi: +36203931017