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Dr. Nmy alter rock project
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Based : Budapest Hungary
Laszlo Nemessanyi +36203931017

all albums are distributed by TuneCore

The second album
25. 10. 2023

Behind the Wall

1. Follow Me
2. Check the Likes
3. Mosnster
4. Light Beghind the Wall
5. Your Fire
6, Brand New World
7. Fear and Darkness
8. Evil song
9. This is the Way
10. Different Kind of War

Precursor single is out
08. 08. 2023, called
Fear and Darkness

Too Far
Instrumental EP 2022

1. Too Far
2. Autumn 22
3. Traveller

Running out of Time
Live Ep 2022

available in digital form on the Bandcamp

1. Running out of Time (Lyrics Kocsi Miklós)
2. Without your Smart Phone
3. This is my Kingdom

by Dr. Nmy (2022) EP

Light Behind The Wall
Different Kind of War
Brand New World

release date 06.04.2021
available in digital form on the Bandcamp
music: László Nemessányi
lyrics: László Nemessányi
Dr NMY (2021)

1. Year After Year
2. Are You Alive
3. Without Your Smart Phone
4. I Don't Want to Know You
5. Updates
6. Kingdom
7. Our Culture
8. Still Friends
9. Dream
10. Go Insane

Dr NMY (2014-2016)
music: János Juhász, Attila Felvinczi and László Nemessányi
lyrics: Miklós Kocsi Jr.
1. Mistakes of Past
2. Self Created Hell
3. Without Envy
4. Suffocated

our videos available
on @Dr._Nmy youtube chanel:

22. December Traveller
22 November Autumn 22
22 Oktober : Without My Smart Phone
22 September This is My Kingdom
22 August Running Out Of Time
22 July Brand New World
22 June Different Kind of War
22 May Light Behind the Wall
22 Ápri Alive
22 Márch : Go Insane
22 February : Still friends
22 January :Updates

19 december Too Far
28 november I Don't Want To Know You
11 november Dreams
19 okoóber Our Culture


Dr.Nmy technical Rider

Balint Nemessányi : Drums
drum mics set
Robert Drexler : bass, backing vocal  
bassamp.: Di 1 1 Mic Vox
Laszlo Nemessanyi lead voc, lead guitar
Ampeg PF-500 amp
XLR output 40 Db Cut necessary
Lead guitar use
Boss GT-100 effect processor with amp.
Monitror list: Drum: 2
Bass 1
Guitar, lead voc 1