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Dr. Nmy alter rock project
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Based : Budapest Hungary
Laszlo Nemessanyi +36203931017

Band's bio:

„Dr. Nmy” is the artist name of László Nemessányi. Based in Budapest, Hungary.
Since we are not currently playing concerts, we are a passion alterrock band.
László works as a musical instrument maker.  As a musician, he worked in all genres, from classical music to jazz to rock music.
The Dr. Nmy band has existed since 2014. At first, they wrote the songs together with Attila Felvinczi, János Juhász and Miklós Kocsi. This formation broke up at the end of 2015 after some good concerts and a couple of studio recordings.
In 2016, László began to deal more seriously with songwriting.
With the first 10 successful punk songs  Dr. Nmy started performing again in 2019.
Members:  László Nemessányi as lead singer and guitarist, his son, Bálint Nemessányi drummer and bassist Róbert Drexler.
The first album, "Updates", was completed during the lockdown. Based on a drum track recorded at a 2019 concert. This album was released on April 6, 2021 by TuneCore. Tamás Borbély played the guitar solo on the song „Go Insane”.  A new chapter began with this.
After  the lockdown, the focus was on studio work. On May 15, 2022, the Ep called „Lights” was released with 3 serious tracks.
On 22.08.2022 released a live album with a new track: „Running out of Time”.
An instrumental album was also released on 22.12.2022, called” Too far” selected from László's other works.
Meanwhile, Bálint went to study abroad, but before that we recorded the drum tracks for the second album.
A single was released on 08.08.2023: Fear and Darkness as an Advertisement
The  album  „Behind the Wall” released on October 25, 2023.
6 completely new songs, the song from 2023's single and 3 songs from the "Lights" EP are on the album.



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Our videos:

22 December Traveller
22 November Autumn 22
22 Oktober: Without My Smart Phone
22 September : This is My Kingdom
22 august Running Out Of Time
22 of July: Brand New World
22of Juin: Different Kind of War
22of May Light Behind the Wall
22 of April : Alive The footage is about the resurrection of a cello,
combining our instrument retouching work with music.
22 of March: : Go Insane
22 of February : : Still friends
22 of January : Updates -
19 okt.2021 : Our Culture

11 nov 2021 : If You Still Have Dreams

28 nov. 2021 :I Don't Want To Know You
19 .12. 2021 : first instrumental: Too Far


youtube facebook instagram spotify tiktok
deezer soundcloud tiktok sonicbids bandcamp

Laszlo Nemessanyi: +36203931017