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 Moonflower co. Biography


2018 concerts
From October 2017 I joined Moonflower again. 
 We renewed Led Zeppelin  and in October we started to concert again.
Laci Nemessányi left the band. Its location is two excellent musicians, 
   László Terényi bass guitarist and matte Takáts Máté took over.

the number one club of the band is the Doors Pub On the first Friday of every month we play here.  
  Often we are in Óbuda, Old Buda Brasserie.  
  We played staged on August 20th at the Benő Christmas Garden in the 15th district.

The rock formations featured the latest formation of the Historica band.  
  We played everything, even what we did not know.   
 There was Beatles, Credence, of course, somewhat meticulously.

we played in all possible clubs.   
 Our usual locations: Cinema Rock Cafe, Zuzana,
 Rock Rendezvous, Trafik Klub, Spiritual Splash    
At the beginning of the year, we first played in less and more places at our new show.   
 The breakthrough was the party in the Trafik club in September.    
Since then, the calendar on our concert site has been running to keep track of the events.
Two opinions about us:    According to Lajos Som, the trio lineup is suitable for "rendishing". 
     On Facebook János Baranyecz wrote:  Moonflower Company Kocsi Miki plays
 Led Zeppelin in record quality!    Thank You!

December 2011: Moonflower Company was formed   
 Today's trio was set in December 2011.
 We changed our name and became Moonflower Company.  
  At the same time, the plan of the new program was formulated: 
we will only play hard rock music in the future.  
Initially, the goal was to realize the long-planned Led Zeppelin songs.  
We've been playing the biggest Zepp hits: Whole Lotta Love, Heartbreacker, Livin Lovin Maid, 
Rock and Roll.  Now Dazed and Confused, How Much More Times, Good Times Bad Times,  
but we did not miss Bring It On Home with blues. 
 Of course Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Fleetwood Mac did not remain unprocessed either.

2003 I joined Moonflower too
"Moonflower" was founded in 2000.  Founding members: 
Miklós Kocsi: guitar, vocals, 
 István Muszta drums,  
Géza Kalmár keyboards, vocals  
Tiboldi János bass guitar, vocals